Children from Ukraine in Poland


International Police Association IPA region Jaslo with Galician Brotherhood of the Order of St.Stanislaw Bishop and Martyr arranged holiday for children from Ukraine.

They were form this part of east Ukraine where is still war. Thanks to help Polonia House in Charkow fourty children could come to country their ancestors. All of those children have a roots in Poland. Most of them are orphans or half-orphans. They lost parents in this war.

Thanks to open hearts of many people children could come and spend wonderful holiday. Thay were in Poland from 3.07 to 13.07.

Children saw Crakow, Warsaw ( Polish parliament – thanks to members of parliament from Podkarpacie), Częstochowa and Byczyna.

Children From Ukraine spent more time in Jasło . From Jaslo they traveled to other towns and villages.Children visited Krosno ( Glass Heritage Center, Castle in Odrzykoń i Prządki Roks), Biecz, Rzeszów. In Habitat Janczar they rode a horses, in Krempna they had an realx on the lake. Children visited Karpacka Troja and Skansen in Sanok. Young people from Ukraine spent whole day at Solina.
Małgorzata Hałkowska and Boguslaw Łach – chairman IPA region Jasło they organized a very busy period of stay of children in Poland.Many meetings with very important people, many adventures and lots of fun.

Children were very happy and they didn’t want to come back to their homes.

In last day children went to sweeming pool and later they had picnic .Fired fireworks in the sky and it was very sad evening. Time for goodbye. Children were very happy ,they have grown to love Poland. Most of them want to come back and live in Poland when they grow up..

It was very nice and good time, not for children only,many people from Poland find out how wonderful be a good man.