IPA Kalwaria Zebrzydowska visited Sicily


At the invitation of the secretary of the IPA Agrigento Region – Francesco Carbone, a five-member delegation of the IPA Kalwaria Zebrzydowska Region on 5-8/04/2019, paid a visit to Sicily.

A two-hour flight from Krakow to Catania, another two hours by car through the central part of Sicily and in the evening we were already at the destination of our trip in Porto Empedocle. Our guardian and guide on the island was already mentioned Francesco. Thanks to him during the stay in Sicily, we visited the cities of Agrigento, Montallegro, Siculiana, Punta Grande and Caliato lying on the southern coast of the island.

The biggest tourist attraction of the province of Agrigento is undoubtedly the Valley of the Temples, an archaeological site, occupying a rather extensive area. There are well-preserved temples from the 5th century BC. from the Greek times, and single examples of Roman buildings, underground catacombs or tombs from the Byzantine times. Agrigento is also a medieval old town – labyrinths of streets filled with various street art paintings, single monuments, churches (XII-XIV centuries), cathedral (XIII-XV centuries).

One of the most characteristic natural formations in Sicily are the white limestone cliffs called the Turkish Steps, located also not far from the center of Agrigento so we had the opportunity to see them too.

Colleague Francesco proved himself as a friendly host of the region, a great tourist guide and companion. He took care of us both in the cognitive and cultural sphere, but also taking care of our physical condition by providing us with a flat and board. Being at dinner in the company of Francesco and his relatives you could feel like in a family.

On the way back from Agrigento to the airport, we visited the town of Paterno and then we went to see Etna – the highest active volcano in Europe – the biggest attraction of Catania, and at the same time its greatest threat.

On Monday in the evening we returned to Poland, happily landing at the airport in Krakow.