XXIII INTERNATIONAL FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT IPA POZNAŃ 2021. On the 13-14 of August 2021 the IPA Poznań Region hosted 16 teams participating in the 23rd International Football Tournament IPA Poznań 2021 in Poznań.

The Honorary Patronage over this year’s Games was taken by: – Marshal of the Wielkopolska Region, Mr. Marek Woźniak – Commander in Chief of the Regional Police Headquarters in Poznań, Chief Inspector Piotr Mąka – Starost of Poznań, Mr. Jan Grabkowski – President of the City of Poznań, Mr. Jacek Jaśkowiak – President of the IPA Polish Section, Mr. Piotr Wójcik In the finals of the tournament played between the teams of KGP and NSZZP Jarocin, the National Police Headquarters Team won with the result 3: 1. In the evening, medals and a cup were presented to all participating teams, as well as individual prizes. Col. Piotr Wójcik, President of the Polish Section together with the members of the Presidium of the SP, as well as invited guests, participated in the awarding ceremony. The oldest player of the tournament – a representative of IPA Porto AMADEU MAGALNAS The best shooter of the tournament – representative of KGP RAFAŁ GNAP The Best Goalkeeper of the Tournament – representative of IPA Poznań MACIEJ LUBCZYŃSKI The representation of the 2nd Tactical Aviation Wing was honored with the Fair Play Cup of the Tournament Final results of the tournament: 1st place – Representation of the Main Police Headquarters 2nd place – NSZZP KPP Jarocin 3rd place – 2nd Tactical Aviation Wing in Poznań 4th place – IPA Poznań 5th place – IPA Gostyń 6th place – Military Counterintelligence Service in Warsaw 7th place – City Police Headquarters in Poznań 8th place – IPA Bihor Region 3 9th place – PSP Grodzisk Wlkp. 10th place – Land Forces Training Center in Poznań 11th place – IPA Gniezno 12th place – Poznań Remand Center 13th place – Convoy Department of the Regional Police Headquarters in Poznań 14th place – KPP Piła 15th place – IPA Porto 16th place – Municipal Police of the City of Poznań Congratulations to the winning team and to all players participating in the Tournament !!!