28 th International Halfmarathon PHILIPS Piła 2018


On the 2nd of September 3874 runners from Poland and 15 other countries took part in the 28th International Halfmarathon PHILIPS in Piła, and it also was the 27th Polish Championships Men and Women in Halfmarathon. 3824 participants finished the race.

This year for the fourth time, within the cooperation with the Police School in Piła and the IPA Group of Greater Poland, took place International Open Police Cup in Halfmarathon, with the participation of 120 policemen from Poland and 5 from Latvia

The Police School in Piła was represented by Arkadiusz Bajerski, Adam Blajchert, Artur Pietruszka, Artur Pinkowski, Jarosław Pińkowski, Radosław Słabaczewski i Monika Tuczyńska.

The trophies and other prizes were founded by the Chief Commander of the Polish Police Force, the Chief Commander of the Police School in Piła, International Police Association, Trade Union of the Polish Police Force and the Local Authorities of Piła.

Additionally, every runner at the race finish received a race medal with the image of Wiesław Perszke, a famous Polish marathon runner – a Polish Champion of 1998. He was also a representative of Poland in many famous marathons (in Berlin, Boston, London, Barcelona) with his best result 2:11:15.

The classification of   International Open Police Cup in Halfmarathon


1. Liga GIRGENSONE (Latvia)                            1:26:08

2. Kitija VALTERE (Latvia)                                    1:27:11

3. Monika NAWRAT (Poland/Katowice)             1:30:11


1. Kamil LUBOWIECKI (Poland/Warszawa)      1:18:39

2. Mariusz BANDOCH (Poland/Bydgoszcz)      1:22:01

3. Gunars KEGIS (Latvia)                                     1:22:32

Team classification

1. State Police of Latvia

2. District Police Headquaters in Świecie

3. Police School in Piła

During the prize-giving ceremony the trophies were given by the Chief Commander of the Police School in Piła Col. Beata Różniak-Krzeszewska, the President of the IPA Group of Greater Poland Mr. Witold Drzażdżyński and the vice-president of the Police Trade Union in the Police School in Piła 2nd Lt Jarosław Pińkowski.